Sounds From A Sasquatch

Photo by Joshua J. Cotten on Unsplash
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We have all heard different accounts of the numerous sounds that Bigfoots are said to make. Some say they make ape-like “whoops” along with howls and grunts. Some say they can whistle, some say they can mimic other animals, and some even say they have a sort of language.

During my research I have come across an account of a sasquatch sound from 1938. In the clipping below three Native Americans in British Columbia recount a story of actually seeing a Sasquatch fight a bear – and win.

The story says that at first they thought it was two bears fighting, but they realized one was a Sasquatch when it made a particular noise. They describe it as “poo-woo-uoo” and say it is what caused them not to shoot the creatures. This is interesting because if make the noise out loud you can hear the similarity to a gorilla. (I would suggest waiting until you leave work to make the sound out loud.) I’ve included a sample to show you what I mean.

I found this interesting, as it is an example of a report of ape-like behavior, presumably from witnesses who weren’t attempting to make that correlation. I also like it because it is an account where the witnesses saw the creature making the noise. Most reports of Sasquatch calls are of people hearing a noise and attributing it to a Sasquatch. They may be correct, but until the animal is observed making the call it’s impossible to know for sure.

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