Human Hoaxes Casefile

Sasquatch Suspect #4: Human Hoaxes

This is the last installment of the "Suspects for Sasquatch" series. This time we are looking at the idea that most Bigfoot stories are hoaxes…
Relict Humans Casefile

Sasquatch Suspect #3: Relict Humans

Some people theorize that Sasquatches are a living species of humans. They cite the bipedalism, appearance, and ability to remain hidden as good indicators.
Undiscovered Primates Case File

Sasquatch Suspect #2: Undiscovered Primates

As I continue to break down our “suspects” from the original post in more detail, we will look at the most popular theory on the…
Bears Case File

Sasquatch Suspect #1: Bears

As I said in the previous post, I will break down each of our "suspects" in more detail. Here we will start with Suspect Number…

The Likely Suspects for Sasquatch

Skeptics and believers alike have their ideas, so I've decided to run through some of the prime suspects in the Sasquatch mystery. Here is...