Height Measurement

Height of a Bigfoot

Getting some parameters of physical size can help inform other characteristics that might not be readily observable.
TV Crew Photo by Ben Collins on Unsplash

Do Bigfoot TV Shows Help the Subject?

I have been working on portions of the book dealing with Bigfoots in the modern era and I though I would share an excerpt from…
Glasses notebook and laptop photo by Dan Dimmock

Bigfoot Books I’m Reading

I said in last week's post that I would post the books I'm using to research and learn about Bigfoots. Some of these...

What Is and What Isn’t a Bigfoot Story

My research for the book has me knee deep in the history of the Bigfoot legend in North America. The hardest part, though, is weeding…

Outlining Bigfoot

Right now, I am trying to put together the general outline of the book. How I want to structure it, which chapters need to go…