An Introduction to the Profiling Bigfoot Blog

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I want to start by telling you all what this blog is about and what it’s for. In short, I am writing a book about Bigfoot. Yes, Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Wood Apes, whatever you want to call them, I am writing a book about them.  This blog is going to follow my journey in writing this book. From beginning thoughts all the way through publication. Now I don’t have a publisher yet. But if I’m unable to secure one by the time I’m ready I’ll self-publish.  

I got the idea to do a blog where people can follow along with me as I write the book and “see the how the sausage is made” (not Bigfoot sausage, don’t worry) from the podcast Working it Out with Mike Birbiglia. Birabiglia is a stand-up comedian and his podcast is essentially he and his friends writing a routine that he will at some point begin performing in front of audiences. It is a look behind the scenes where he works out new material and talks with friends of his in the comedy entertainment world. He tries to figure out what works and what doesn’t and eventually performs this material later.  

Biribiglia himself thought that this might not actually work out and would spoil his set because half the people in the room may have already heard him work out all the jokes and thus the jokes would not go over. But he found that people actually enjoyed the show, possibly even more. After knowing what went into it, they still enjoyed it. 

It’s not like he did the entire set on the podcast, you just kind of heard where some of this stuff came from, and so that’s the idea of this blog. Just to give you a peek inside the process of writing this book. The book itself is not going to be on here, so it’s not going to be like the book being published one chapter at a time. 

There will be pieces about whatever I’m researching at the time, or thinking of putting in the book. I will intersperse some of your comments, thoughts and any sightings of Bigfoot that I run across that seem interesting or videos that pop up along the Internet and we’ll just have fun with it as we go. I will try to keep most posts short enough to be easily digested in a few minutes. 

I may even accompany the blog with a podcast, since I have a background in that medium. Some podcast episodes may be the interviews I do with different people for the book, for example. 

Profiling Bigfoot By Chad Gatlin

The book itself will be called Profiling Bigfoot. It isn’t going to be a book where I attempt to prove the existence of Bigfoot. Plenty of those already exist. Instead, this book is going to work off the premise of a “if Bigfoot was real” and try to figure out what they could be based on based on all the sightings data and different things that we’ve heard about the creature.  

If they are real, what can we infer about them? For example, diet behaviors, creatures that it is most likely closest related to, whether it could be human, what the most likely habitats are, et cetera, et cetera. 

 As for my personal opinion as to whether Bigfoot is real? I cannot say I am 100% sure, but I believe there’s compelling evidence out there. Obviously, if I were not interested in the reality of Bigfoot, I would not be writing a book about it. But then again, they may not be real at all. However, this will still be a fun exercise in trying to piece together a creature based on stories and other evidence and see if we come up with a reasonable, real animal (or something else). Thanks for joining me on my journey and I look forward to writing this book in front of all of you. 

Chad Gatlin

I have been a Firefighter, a Radio Personality, a Writer, and an Insurance Agent. Now I am adding Author to that list! I have had a long interest in the weird and unexplained, and love to discuss and debate these subjects.

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