Bigfoot sightings with terrain by Jill Marie Hackett

It’s All About the Data

The more data can be shared, the more we can learn. I have recently been working with data from the BFRO sightings database I want…
FAQs for Skeptics made with Canva

FAQs for Bigfoot Skeptics

I often read the same comments or questions in bigfoot forums and and other bigfoot discussions coming from skeptics. Some of those questions actually have…
Outline Deer Comparison

Re-Review of RMSO Oklahoma Bigfoot

When I posted last week's blog entry I was reviewing the video for the size of the subject, not the identity of the subject itself.…
RMSO OK Sasquatch Analyzed

RMSO Oklahoma Sasquatch Video Review

The Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization posted a video about an alleged trail cam photo of a Sasquatch in OK.
Pacific Northwest Photo by Ryan Stone on Unsplash

Bigfoots Only in the Pacific Northwest?

I am asking the question: Do Sasquatches (if they exist) only live in the Pacific Northwest of North America?