Outlining Bigfoot

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Right now, I am trying to put together the general outline of the book. How I want to structure it, which chapters need to go where, what needs to be a chapter, what may need to be a subchapter, and things like that. I am nearly finished with the introduction. I just need to put some polishing touches on that, but thinking about the outline, it is better to get a little clearer about.  

What do I want this book to be or accomplish? What I want to do is to paint a picture of Sasquatch from the perspective of “If you were going to create a creature that fit the bill of Bigfoot,” based on the majority of sightings and things like that. For parameters, the creature will follow the laws of nature and currently known definitions of animals and animal behavior and biology.  

What would this creature be? What would this creature need to have in terms of a habitat? What would it look like? What would it eat? Where would it live? How would it interact with others of the same species? How large of a group, if any, would it travel in? How does reproduction and things like that work?  

And so that is where the book will go, and that is how I want the outline to follow along until we get to a complete picture of a creature of an animal that fits the Bigfoot description based on wildlife biology and sightings data.  

Here is what I have so far: 

Part 1 – Appearance 

Part 2 – Diet 

Part 3 – Habitat 

Part 4 – Behavior 

Part 5 – Classification 

There is still plenty of work to do and this will no doubt change as I go. 

Chad Gatlin

I have been a Firefighter, a Radio Personality, a Writer, and an Insurance Agent. Now I am adding Author to that list! I have had a long interest in the weird and unexplained, and love to discuss and debate these subjects.

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